Download 451 Research Report on Zadara On Premise as a Service (OPaaS)

451 Research: “Zadara is offering a glimpse into the future of enterprise storage”

We have been busy! Our customer base is growing quickly and our services are growing and expanding to meet more and more of our customers’ needs. Just a few weeks ago we launched On-Premise as a Service, a new infrastructure model that lets Enterprises, service providers and other organizations to take advantage of pure-OpEx storage on their own premises. Far more flexible than traditional leases, OPaaS endows businesses with true agility, even behind their private firewall. Our VP of Product Management, Craig Carl, wrote about how OPaaS changes the Enterprise storage story recently on our blog.

In April, several weeks before the announcement, I had the opportunity to speak with Simon Robinson, vice president of 451 Research, a leading analyst group based in the UK. Robinson has been following Zadara for several years now and wanted to write a report to follow up on his initial report from September 2013: Zadara aims to restore faith in cloud storage.

I’m thrilled to share with you 451 Research’s report, “Zadara extends cloud storage service to an on-premises model with OPaaS,” which you can download in its entirety here.

It’s always rewarding when someone neutral, whom we did not pay, and who is a leading expert in our particular market gets excited about our solution, cutting-edge technology, and company vision. We’re extremely excited about the opportunities that OPaaS enables for our customers, and this is another confirmation that we’ve created the future of how storage is consumed and operated.

The report provides a ‘business update’ for those who have been following Zadara (spoiler alert: sales have more than doubled in each of the last three quarters of 2013, during which our customer base grew fivefold) and provides an overview of our OPaaS solution, including competition, market analysis, threats and opportunities .

I’ll close with the summary which I think best describes our company – innovation: “We’ve noted before that Zadara has one of the more innovative approaches to cloud storage in the market – the availability of OPaaS continues that theme.”

Download the 451 Research – Zadara Report


On Premise as a Service - 451 Research

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