Congratulating SerenITaaS on their Global Launch!

And How Australia’s Leading Active Education Platform Helped Drive Our Enterprise Storage to a New AWS Region 

Yesterday, Zadara announced our tenth global data center deployment(!) and new availability in our fifth AWS Region in Asia Pacific, based in Sydney, Australia. With this announcement, we are also celebrating the launch of our partners SerenITaaS, a Zadara worldwide VAR that’s taking our technology to new heights, and new geographies.


Based in Ontario, Canada, SerenITaasS is a member of the Zadara Integration Program Partner (ZIPP) and a provider of advanced data storage solutions. Its Organik Storage for Cloud, Hybrid & Private Architecture is powered by our very own Virtual Private Storage Arrays, and is particularly advantageous for on-premise pay-as-you-go deployment of our elastic SAN and NAS solution and for operators of public clouds seeking hyperscale block and file storage with isolated, QoS resources per customer and embedded metering and billing.

What I find particularly exciting about our continuing global expansion, is that our growth is customer and partner driven. Our deployment at the Equinix facility in Sydney will help meet the needs of organizations in Australia seeking as-a-service enterprise storage and cloud solutions, but also to meet the needs of SerenITaaS longstanding customer, Echo360, a leader in active and distance learning solutions.

 “Education customers gain the ease and value of a cloud deployment with the performance of an on-premise installation.” (Tony Abate, chief operating officer of Echo360) 

Echo360 is a vanguard in the field of education, transforming teaching and learning through active learning technology that makes it easier for institutions to teach and for students to learn, inside and outside of the classroom. Using our VPSA service at AWS, they enable institutions to capture and archive campus lectures and other digital learning resources, and stream or download this learning content to online students anywhere. VPSA enables them to easily scale, replicate content across the globe and ensure students, faculty and organizations experience predictable performance (QoS), without performance degradation due to ‘noisy neighbors’.

As the market leader in Australia, with more than 70% of universities using their technology, our enterprise cloud storage infrastructure will be helping Echo360 power solutions for some of the biggest technical and further education (TAFE) higher education institutions, including Christ Church Polytechnic Institute of Technology, North Coast Institute and Illawarra Institute.

Making The Cloud Work For You
I’m thrilled to see more and more organizations across the globe being able to take advantage of the cloud through Zadara VPSA solution and to watch how new solutions and platforms are made possible by using our technology.

We look forward to working with SerenITaaS in Australia and New Zealand, where they will lead the development of relationships within the ANZ AWS partner community, enabling local companies to resell Zadara Storage services in ANZ as well as from any of the global Zadara Storage node locations.

AWS Summit Sydney
If you are in Sydney today for the AWS Summit – SerenITaaS will be there at the from 7:30 am to 7:00 pm local time. Join us at the coffee cart at the right hand back of the hall next to the EC2 booth and talk enterprise-ready SAN and NAS by the hour in AWS, across the globe.

I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate SerenITaaS on their launch and to thank them and our customers at Echo360 – we’re thrilled to join you Down Under and look forward to joint futures successes.

Learn more about SerenITaaS:
Learn more about Echo360’s active learning platform:

Get in touch with me, or our team about VPSA in Australia or any other global locations here

The SerenITaaS sponsored coffee cart at the AWS Summit – it was a fantastic event!

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