Comparing AWS EBS vs. Zadara VPSA (And Why Zadara Doesn’t Sit on Top of EBS)

A recurring question our new customers ask is: "are you providing a storage solution on top of Amazon Elastic Block Storage (AWS EBS)?" While there are those vendors who employ this approach, Zadara delivers an enterprise solution by allocating individual physical drives to each customer that are completely isolated from those of other customers and from the EBS infrastructure.

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Managing Disaster in The Public Cloud

Despite the best intentions of the public cloud infrastructure providers, issues do happen from time to time. Some problems are more significant than others, as we saw with the recent Amazon Web Services (AWS) DynamoDB outage (details here). The impact to AWS customers was widespread and although it would be easy to dismiss the affected services as trivial (Netflix, IMDB, Tinder, Buffer), these are still clients running production workloads. Do a quick Google search and it’s easy to find many other similar examples, including this one affecting Microsoft’s Azure Storage Service.

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