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Meet Zadara at Google Cloud Next — Booth S1626

Google Cloud Next ’18
Moscone Center, San Francisco
July 24 – 26

Supercharge Your GCP with Enterprise Cloud Storage from Zadara

Meet the Zadara Storage team at Google Cloud Next ’18 to see a LIVE DEMO of the Zadara’s industry-leading enterprise storage delivered as a fully-managed, pay-only-for-what-you-use service.

The Google Cloud Platform Experience with Zadara

100% SLA and 24/7 support
Available On-Premises, In the Cloud, or as a Hybrid configuration (On-Premises + In the Cloud)
Secure – private data transport, user-owned encryption keys
Private – no shared resources
Scalable – change storage capacity and performance at will with no downtime
Cost-effective – no equipment purchase, no maintenance Convenient – eliminate disruptive updates, hot-fixes, and upgrades

Full-featured NAS file and SAN block storage — including AD and HA/DR with dedicated resources — for just $5K per month. Don’t wait. This offer is only available until July 26, 2018.

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Ready to learn more? Download this simple comparison chart.



July 2, 2018

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Meet Zadara at AWS Summit New York City on July 17th

AWS Summit New York City
New York City, NY – July 17, 2018
Javits Center, Booth #530

Are you sacrificing enterprise features for the cloud? Well, you shouldn’t have to.

Zadara gives you all the power of industry-leading enterprise storage, without the cost and complexity of owning and operating your own infrastructure. Your business relies on storage with high performance, control, availability, and privacy – and you shouldn’t settle for anything less in your cloud storage solution.

Meet the Zadara team at AWS Summit New York and learn how Zadara takes AWS to a new level, by bringing you the enterprise storage functionality you require.

Full-featured NAS file and SAN block storage — including AD and HA/DR with dedicated resources — for just $5K per month. Don’t wait. This offer is only available until July 17, 2018.

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Zadara adds a host of storage related features to any AWS account including security and encryption of data at-rest and in-flight with customer-owned keys, cross-region replication, added redundancy, volumes over 100TB in size, snapshots with built in lifecycle policies, thin provisioned clones, and more.

Download the Supercharge Your AWS Storage infographic to find out which enterprise features you’re missing.


June 27, 2018

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Innovate Now at the Zadara® Summit 2018

Innovate Now at the Zadara® Summit 2018
Discover why the most successful enterprise and service provider businesses worldwide are innovating now to gain competitive advantage using Zadara storage-as-a-service (STaaS) solutions. Zadara delivers private, hybrid, and public cloud storage with comprehensive enterprise functionality.

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May 18, 2018

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Zadara Storage Offers Storage-as-a-Service Disaster Relief to Businesses Impacted by Recent Hurricanes

Following the devastating Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria affecting regions in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, Zadara Storage has dedicated storage resources to help businesses recover. Businesses who have lost their data storage to the destruction of the hurricanes are provided with six months of storage to replace their damaged equipment at no cost.

Thousands of businesses have been affected by the recent natural disasters, and as a result, normal business operations may come to a halt. Without access to mission critical data, such as financial systems, customer information, or human resource directories, companies lose precious time waiting upon lengthy insurance claim processes.

Instead, Zadara Storage has acted quickly to alleviate delays by offering immediate disaster relief in two methods: in the cloud or on-premises.

Zadara Storage On-Premises — Zadara Storage sends storage equipment to a business’s data center to begin restoration with the goal of becoming operational as quickly as possible.

Zadara Storage In the Cloud — Zadara Storage also provides an “In the Cloud” solution which connects to one of Zadara’s public cloud partners (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure). Businesses can restore their data to Zadara Storage’s enterprise cloud environment and directly connect to public cloud compute.

“Our team was troubled by the incredible destruction of these storms and we want to help,” said Nelson Nahum, CEO and co-founder of Zadara Storage. Nahum explains that although Zadara Storage does not have huge resources to offer, they are doing their part to alleviate some of the disaster that businesses have experienced.  Nahum concludes, “The cost for storage and IT infrastructure is considerable, and businesses shouldn’t wait until insurance claims clear. We can help now.”

Impacted organizations can request assistance from Zadara Storage online and begin the restoration of their IT infrastructure. Zadara Storage is offering up to 1PB of Cloud and/or On-Premises-as-a-Service storage, at no-charge for six months. Additional details can be found here. Companies can end the service after the six months, no questions asked.

October 16, 2017

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Zadara Summit 2016 Recap: A Highly Successful Event, Filled with Hands-On Learning, Networking, and New Innovations

Zadara Summit 2016 Recap

Zadara Summit 2016 was a big success thanks to all attendees; including speakers, our partners, customers, and many more IT professionals. The week started with a couple of keynotes that introduced some exciting news pertaining to Zadara Storage and some select partners.

Here’s a recap of some of the major highlights:

The Big 3

About a week prior to the event, Zadara Storage announced our latest partnership with Google.  That means Zadara Storage is now available to all Google Cloud Platform customers. This announcement is significant because Zadara is now available through the big 3 industry cloud leaders: Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure.

At Zadara Summit 2016, we were lucky to be joined by Global Product Lead Dave Elliott of Google to discuss what’s next in cloud computing, and not only that, but how Google (with partners like Zadara Storage) are at the forefront of something big. Dave also joined us for a Business Track session that discussed adding Zadara Storage to the Google Cloud Platform – and what your options are.

To learn more about our partnership announcement, click here to watch the short CUBE conversation video with Jeff Frick of SiliconAngle, Noam Shendar of Zadara Storage, and Dave Elliott of Google.

Is SSD the new HDD?

Ran Kurup, Intel’s Director of Business Strategy and Market Development gave a great keynote on Day 1 that spoke about the transition to software-defined and as-a-service models.

Zadara and Intel made a big announcement earlier that morning at Zadara Summit 2016: Zadara is now offering Intel-based flash storage at HDD price points.  What does this mean? The market is continuing to move away from traditional CapEx-based storage, and Zadara already offers a very unique storage offering with its universal solution (any data type, any protocol, and any location).  Zadara is taking a leadership position in pricing SSDs at parity with traditional HDD configurations – again putting Zadara one step ahead of the rest of the market by partnering with industry-leader Intel.

Bill Leszinske, VP and Director Strategic Planning joined Zadara Storage COO Noam Shendar to discuss the strategic alliance live on the CUBE.  “Applications, like the Zadara Storage Cloud, showcase Intel’s latest technologies and accelerate flash adoption across the industry, leading to incredible experiences, breakthroughs and business value,” says Bill Leszinske.

Big Data Getting Bigger

Industry analysts spoke about the direction of the market and discussed the major transition from CapEx to Opex-based business models, as well as the shift to software-defined and as-a-service models. One major component of data that they all agreed on is this: Data is getting bigger and bigger.

Specifically, Dave Elliott of Google discussed “What’s Next in Cloud Computing?” and how we’re at the tail end of a third industrial revolution.  He explained how we saw a co-evolution of people with systems as information technology has changed and grown. As these systems continue to evolve and grow (rapidly) so does the way we use them. Key takeaway: Innovation is more important than ever.

Ran Kurup of Intel provided a keynote that was similar, in that we must prepare for the new exceptional demands of our datacenters in his keynote “Is Your Storage Ready for the Spotlight?” Not only did Ran go into the demands of our storage, but how we need to be able to access storage from anywhere at anytime.

Frank Berry, CEO of IT Brand Pulse sparked some interesting conversations about the future of computing. He touched on instrumented and automated storage, self-driving cars, and bionic human beings. We may think we have a lot on our hands now with large social networks and large video files, but the point of Frank’s presentation was that where technology is headed, data is growing, and scaling larger than we could ever imagine.  

Overall we had an amazing variety of technical content – thoroughly explaining the Zadara Storage Cloud and all its capabilities – as well as analyst and partner keynotes discussing the current state of the market as well as the future of IT and cloud. The future is bright, and we’re excited to have you along for our journey. We hope to see you next year!

December 7, 2016

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Zadara Summit 2016: Zadara is Googling It

Dave Elliott, What’s Next in Cloud Computing

Zadara is Googling it with Dave Elliott, Global Product Lead for Google. Dave will be a keynote speaker at Zadara Summit 2016.  His presentation will focus on trends in data and storage as well as migrating to the cloud.

Dave’s role at Google includes strategizing and managing go-to-market plans for Google’s public cloud storage business. Dave is known in the industry as an innovator in data protection for virtual and cloud environments as well as business development.

Zadara Storage recently teamed up with Google to provide our patented, award-winning enterprise Storage-as-a-Service solution for Google Cloud Platform customers. Dave will describe the benefits of this architecture from both a Zadara and Google standpoint, as well as what it means for Google customers.

Zadara is now available in the top 3 hyperscale clouds.  With Zadara’s multi-cloud concurrent access, users have the ultimate flexibility to connect to the most appropriate service, as needed. The availability means that GCP customers now have access to encrypted, advanced, high performance, high availability, fully-featured enterprise storage directly connected to their Google Cloud Engine VMs.

As a result, GCP customers enjoy enterprise storage that offers the capabilities, reliability and data privacy of traditional, on-premise storage arrays – but in a fully elastic manner and with pure OpEx consumption pricing.  This enables the migration of business applications to GCP as well as hybrid operating models that span GCP and on-premise environments.

This offering is an essential part of the ongoing tectonic shift from the traditional CapEx infrastructure model to flexible, agile OpEx. The combined spending on Public- and Private-Cloud OpEx IT is forecasted to account for half of total IT spending by the end of the decade.

Google boasts a network backbone with a vast reach and many locations worldwide, allowing for efficient connections from nearly anywhere on the planet.

Don’t miss Dave Elliott at the Zadara Summit! See the full agenda by clicking here.

November 8, 2016

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Zadara Summit 2016: Zadara and Intel Making Waves

Intel’s Ran Kurup, Director of Business Strategy and Market Development, Clyde Hedrick, Cloud Storage Segment Manager, and Mark Henderson, Storage Technology Marketing Engineer will all be joining us in Irvine to speak at this year’s Zadara Summit. Together, Zadara and Intel provide a unique and innovative storage solution and will be making an announcement at this year’s summit.

Ran Kurup is the Director of Business Strategy and Market Development in the Data Center Group where he drives long term strategy and strategic investments. He has over 20 years of experience in the server, networking and storage industry.

Clyde is a Cloud Storage Segment Manager. He is a high energy, senior level, Marketing professional with 18+ years experience in Marketing, Sales, Business Development, and Engineering in client and server computing solutions across Enterprise and SMB market segments.

Mark is a Storage Technology Marketing Engineer at Intel and possesses both a business background as well as deep technical knowledge. His areas of focus span from Technology Leadership, Product Management, Business Development, Evangelistic roles or Product, OEM, Solutions or Strategic Marketing.

Ran Kurup will kick off the first day of Zadara Summit with a keynote entitled ‘Is your storage ready for the spotlight?” In this session he will cover the trends of the storage industry and also be announcing some exciting news between Intel and Zadara.

On Day 2, Clyde Hedrick joins Zadara COO Noam Shendar to discuss the OpEx revolution. Here, they will explore the big industry shift from CapEx to OpEx. They’ll cover not only why many companies are choosing this business model but how successful and cost-effective it has been.

Later that day, Mark Henderson and Zadara VP of Engineering Yair Hershko discuss “The Flash Revolution.” With flash becoming an increasingly popular option, Mark and Yair will discuss the details of a flash solution with Zadara and Intel. Plus, they will cover other new technologies that IT is adopting.

Zadara and Intel have been working hard behind the scenes and will be announcing some exciting news at Zadara Summit. Don’t miss out. View the full agenda here.

November 4, 2016

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Zadara Summit 2016 Speakers Highlight Part 2

Earlier this year, I wrote a piece highlighting some of the speakers at this year’s Zadara Summit.  We’ve since added a lot more speakers to the agenda, and we’re very excited as the event is approaching quickly. Here are some of the latest additions:


Noam Shendar of Zadara & Intel – What is Behind the OpEx Revolution

Zadara’s COO Noam Shendar will be joined by Intel to discuss the industry-wide shift from CapEx to OpEx. There is a sea change of events where many business platforms are evolving into ‘as-a-service’ models whether it be storage, infrastructure, platform, or disaster recovery (to name a few). What does this mean for the industry and how does Zadara and its partners fit in? Join this session to learn more.


Steven B. Nelson, AWS: Combining AWS and Zadara Storage for a Competitive Advantage

As a certified AWS partner,  Zadara Storage and AWS provide a very unique and amazing storage solution. Steven will dive deep into combining the best of both worlds: the powerful AWS compute resources with Zadara’s enterprise-grade features that all fit into an OpEx business model. By using industry-leading AWS resources combined with Zadara’s advanced service options, your storage is not only powerful but it becomes an agile, immortal asset to your company.


Bud Wainright, Zadara in the Government Space

Bud Wainright is Zadara’s in-house government specialist. He has worked closely with forensic storage in the government space including (but not limited to) body-worn cameras and geospatial systems. Bud’s presentation will dive into how our OpEx solution is the best available for these types of applications.


Sam Coyl, The Evolution of Storage-as-a-Service Partner

The president of Netrepid, Sam Coyl will be presenting a case study presentation demonstrating the evolution of our storage consumption over the last decade. It will discuss the rapid increase in storage consumption as well as the methods for managing the capital, planning capacity and more. He will also dive into how best to monetize storage so you can remain a competitive advantage.

This is shaping up to be an amazing event. We still have some big players in the industry that will have people joining, and once those sessions are finalized, I’ll post another article highlighting their topics of discussion.

For more information, visit our event page.

October 13, 2016

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How 4 Companies Won By Shifting Storage Costs from CapEx to OpEx

A strong trend among businesses today is to forego expensive capital investments in IT storage solutions and opt instead for lower-cost cloud-based storage solutions that fit on the operational expense sheets. There are numerous advantages for moving storage costs to OpEx, including the ease of getting additional storage costs approved and the ability to take care of cloud NAS costs as you would any ordinary utility expense. Many of Zadara’s clients have saved significant amounts of money doing just this. Here are a few notable examples.

1. Gilt

Gilt is an e-commerce site that offers daily deals on fashion apparel, accessories, and more for men, women, and children.

Gilt is a forward-thinking online shopping site that delivers special access to its merchandise and experiences on a membership basis. Gilt faced several challenges. First, they had a quickly-growing collection of product images that meant challenges with management and scalability. Secondly, their existing storage infrastructure was much more cumbersome and expensive than a cloud NAS solution. In addition, Gilt’s IT department wasn’t able to respond quickly to the needs of their other departments. Gilt replaced their 3PAR with Zadara’s VPSA connecting to AWS. The solution lowered storage costs by 85 percent, reduced the time to deploy new products from days to just minutes, and allowed Gilt to redeploy people from mundane jobs in IT storage management to higher-value, strategic positions within the business.

To read the entire Gilt case study, click here to download it.

OpEx vs. CapEx: Side by Side Comparison — Which is Better for Your Business? Download the Infographic

2. Netrepid

Netrepid delivers co-location, infrastructure, and application hosting services to numerous industries, including healthcare, finance, education, transportation, and government agencies. Their challenge was the need to eliminate CapEx limitations of their existing storage infrastructure, a need to improve agility in deploying services, a need for greater customer responsiveness, and a need for improvements in storage performance. Netrepid turned to Zadara’s VPSA Storage Array for on-premises-as-a-service storage. The results were a pure Op-Ex pay-as-you-go solution, with more predictable performance and a higher level of security. Plus, Netrepid is now able to deploy additional storage notes in minutes instead of weeks. They lowered their hardware needs by 81 percent and improved storage performance by a whopping 80 percent.

Interested in reading the complete Netrepid case study? Click here.

3. TIG

TIG is a provider of managed and transformational services and cutting-edge cloud and connectivity solutions. Based in Watford, England, TIG was in need of a cloud NAS solution that eliminated their inflexible and expensive CapEx-based storage arrays and allowed them to take advantage of OpEx-based storage-as-a-service. By partnering with Zadara Storage and Asigra Cloud Backup, TIG was able to achieve scalable, easy-to-deploy services and eliminate those hefty CapEx expenses. These solutions empowered the business to grow tremendously.

Visit this link to download and read the entire TIG case study.

4. RWE

RWE provides electrical power to 16 million Europeans and gas service to another 8 million customers.

RWE is one of the top five of Europe’s electricity and gas companies. They employ over 59,000 workers and supply services to more than 16 million electricity customers and almost 8 million gas customers. RWE needed to improve their storage performance, as well as the overall stability of their SAP and e-commerce applications. RWE also set the goal of shifting storage costs from CapEx to OpEx. The energy company replaced their EMC solution with Zadara’s VPSA with Backup to S3 (B2S3). This resulted in a cloud NAS solution that was delivered as-a-service for SAP application performance improvements of 20 percent, with increased stability and scalability.

Download the RWE case study to get more information.

Zadara Storage provides what traditional storage methods can’t. See what your storage environment is missing: Download Whitepaper — Software Defined Storage vs. Traditional SAN and NAS Storage


August 31, 2016

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Zadara Summit 2016: Why do we need a Summit?

Truly great accomplishments are the result of collaboration. They are the result of people and organizations cooperating, brainstorming, testing, measuring, improving and leveraging the outcome.

For many years, the technology industry was dominated by ivory-tower companies that essentially dictated to the market what technologies they would use, and how they would use them. Customers had to adopt (and adapt to) new products, while technology companies made huge profits. Eventually, this methodology broke down and today leading technology companies recognize that by collaborating with their customers, they can create far greater solutions.


At Zadara Storage, our mission is to deliver flexible, enterprise Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) – that is always aligned with our customer’s changing world. To do this, we need to work closely with our customers to understand their needs. We need to recognize what features work well and which ones don’t, and we must know what new features are necessary and which ones are not. In short, it is essential to collaborate with our customers – and future-customers – to get a clear picture of the challenges the market is facing.


Zadara Summit is an opportunity for Zadara customers, partners, employees and executives to all interact, discuss, learn and collaborate. It is a time when customers can work hand-in-hand with the developers of the Zadara Storage Cloud to learn how best to leverage the products. It is a time when industry analysts share with us the trends in the industry that will affect us all, and how we can leverage these trends to our advantage.

Most importantly, it gives a chance for developers to work hand-in-hand with users and learn just as much. Zadara designers can hear, first hand, from users what they would like to see in the product. Each year, we leave the event with a better understanding of where the company needs to focus to become stronger and more valuable to our customers. After a few days of collaborating, discussing, and learning, we all leave a little smarter and with a much tighter relationship with the Zadara extended family.

Why do we need a Zadara Summit? Because it gives us all an opportunity to learn from each other and refocus on how best to run our respective businesses. Sign up to attend the summit.

August 25, 2016

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